Water Rafting


Kitulagala, Sri Lanka's most popular site of Whitewater rafting is located on the banks of River Kelani Ganga, at a distance of 80km from Colombo. Experience the thrills and spills of an exciting rafting adventure in a jungle paradise. In one section all you can hear is the pounding water rushing through the rapids. With many rivers arising in the central mountains and then flowing downhill for much of their length, the island has several good locations for the sport. The combination of fast-paced rapids, the tranquility of the Kitulgala forest reserve, the traditional lifestyle of the villagers, well organized on-site Whitewater rafting operators at Kitulgala and accommodation options in Kitulgala hotels, guest houses, and rest house have tourists visiting this nature and soft adventure attraction of Sri Lanka all round the year.


Sri Lanka is an island of two halves, with the East and West of the island experiencing different monsoon seasons, with the west side of the island getting the best waves between November and April, and the east between May and October.

The best beginner surf beaches Sri Lanka offers are found towards the southern end of the island as the north is well protected from deep ocean swells from India. In the balmy south you'll find waves to suit every taste on your Sri Lanka surf trip, from long point break walls, punchy beach break peaks and everything in between

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